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What We Offer:


The benefits of renovation and having an on site temporary home are many:

     •  Maintain family stability. There's no need to relocate to
         another neighborhood.

     •  Children stay in their own school district.

     •  Remain on site. You can oversee the entire project, and
         have more control.

     •  Cost-effectiveness. There are fewer out-of-pocket
         expenses versus a traditional rental.

     •  Eliminates the disruption of day-to-day activities: this
         includes commuting to work or school as well as mail,
         phone, and cable service.

     •  Savings of up to 50% over other living accommodations!

     •  American provides the solution for housing.

American Mobile Home Leasing • 250 Orchard Road, East Patchogue, NY 11772 • (631) 277-3202 Fax: (631) 475-0008