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12 ft.:
Our 12-foot wide mobile homes is 12 ft. x 40 ft. through
12 ft x 60 ft. and is equipped with two-and three-bedroom configurations, with a full bath.

14 ft.:
Our 14-ft wide mobile home is 14 ft. x 52 ft. through 14 ft.
c 60 ft. and features two bedrooms and one-and-a-half
baths. In our 60-foot version, there are three-bedrooms
and two full bathrooms.

American Mobile Home Leasing Double-Wide homes have
been the standard for “over-sized” temporary living. As
with all our models, it’s fully heated, having all the modern appliances you would expect for complete comfort and

If your temporary living arrangements require premium
space and optimum comfort, without the “through the roof” cost, turn to American Mobile Home Leasing and Go Double.


12' W

14' W


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